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Round Water Tanks

As a Team Poly distributor Muswellbrook Steel Supplies can supply a large range of water tanks and accessories. Tank sizes vary from as little as 545L for a small garden up to 45,500L for large properties, in a range of different shapes and colours.

Corrugated profile, an Australian tradition
Designed for small to large scale water harvesting
14 Colorbond Colours to complement sheds, fences or other structures
Made from UV stabilised polyethylene to ensure the tanks can survive any harsh Australian Conditions
Multiple outlet options and multiple inlet and overflow configurations available
Removable lids allow for easy tank cleaning
25 year pro rata warranty
Australian made



Capacity Diameter Wall Height Total Height
545L (120gal) 0.70m (2'4") 1.60m (5'3") 1.70m (5'7")
900L (200gal) 1.15m (3'9") 1.02m (3'4") 1.12m (3'8")
1000L (220gal) 0.90m (3'0") 1.82m (6'0") 2.02m (6'8")
1600L (350gal) 1.22m (4'0") 1.52m (5'0") 1.72m (5'8")
2300L (500gal) 1.72m (5'8") 1.23m (4'0") 1.33m (4'4")
2700L (600gal) 1.44m (4'9") 1.81m (5'11") 2.04m (6'8")
4500L (1000gal) 1.83m (6'0") 1.90m (6'3") 2.12m (6'11")
4500L (1000gal) 2.25m (7'5") 1.35m (4'5") 1.45m (4'9")
5000L (1100gal) 1.99m  (6'6") 1.74m (5'9") 2.1m (6'11")
5400L (1200gal) 2.00m (6'7") 1.91m (6'3") 2.19m (7'2")
8000L (1800gal) 2.35m (7'8") 1.92m (6'4") 2.20m (7'3")
9000L (2000gal) 2.57m (8'5") 2.05m (6'9") 2.30m (7'5")
9000L (2000gal) 2.89m (9'6") 1.45m (4'9") 1.58m (5'2")
13500L (3000gal) 2.92m (9'7") 2.24m (7'4") 2.46m (8'1")
22000L (5000gal) 3.53m (11'7") 2.44m (8'0") 2.67m (8'9")
22000L (5000gal) 3.73m (12'3") 2.27m (7'5") 2.58m (8'6")
27000L (6000gal) 3.94m (12'11") 2.51m (8'3") 2.80m (9'2")
36400L (9600gal) 4.40m (14'5")   2.80m (9'2")
45500L (12000gal) 4.40m (14'5")   3.42m (11'3")




Water tanks come in a great range of Colorbond colours, so your tank can match the rest of your house, fence or property.


    Mist Green     Wheat     River Gum     Bronze Olive
    Beige     Birch Grey     Heritage Green     Slate Grey
    Heritage Red     Torres Blue     Merino     Mountain Blue
    Smooth Cream     Black            


Colours are approximate for exact colours please see in store

Please note that we only have a small range of tanks here in stock and we will order them in for you if we dont have the ones you want 



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