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Cutting and Grinding Discs

Need to cut or grind your steel? Muswellbrook Steel Supplies has a great range of cutting and grinding discs to suit all jobs and equipment. We will also advise you on which disc is the best to suit your application so that you have the right tools for the job.

Cutting Discs

• 100x1mm cutting disc

• 115x2.5mm cutting disc

• 127x1mm cutting disc

• 127x2.5mm cutting disc



Drop Saw Discs

• 350x2.5mm

Grinding Discs

• 100x6mm

• 115x7mm

• 127x7mm




Flap Discs

• 100mm 80gr

• 127mm 80gr

• 127mm 40gr


Stock is subject to change at any time, for any questions and availability please contact us.



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