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Electric Fence Equipment

As a distributor for Thunderbird Electric Fence Systems, Muswellbrook Steel Supplies can always help you out with all your electric fence requirements. A full range of stock is held including mains, battery and solar energisers, wire, insulators, strainers and testers. The team can advise which products will suit your individual requirements the best. All products are proudly Australian made and owned.

Electric fence energisers typically come in three different types:



The advantage of a mains power electric fence is obvious, the reliability. Units range in size in order to meet your requirements starting at 5km for small farms and up to 140km from a single unit for very large farms with harsh conditions. These products are suitable for controlling all types of animals.



Battery energisers have the advantage of being very portable and allow you to move your electric fence far from a mains power source. Just because is not running off mains power doesn't mean that the performance is reduced with energisers ranging from 5km use up to 100km from a single unit.



If the area you need to fence is remote and you can't afford to rely on batteries, solar is a great option. The attached solar panel charges a battery every time the sunshine ensuring your electric fence will never fade out. Sizes start as low as 2km for an extremely portable system with in built battery and can be as heavy duty as to electrify 100km of fence where no mains power is available.



As well as energisers a full range of accessories are available, including:

  • Testers
  • Earthing Kits
  • Steel and Wooden Post Insulators
  • End Strain Insulators
  • Stand-off Brackets
  • Gate Kits
  • Wire Joiners and Strainers
  • Underground Cable
  • Hot Tape and Poly Wire
  • Reels
  • Temporary Posts
  • Electric Stock Prodders

Stock is subject to change at any time, for any questions and availability please contact us.



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