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Purlins are made from cold rolled galvanised steel creating a strong but light weight section that is most often used in wall and roof framing in all types of buildings.

Purlins can be ordered in a great range of different sizes, thickness, proportions and lengths depending on what you require. Please contact us to see what we can get for you. If you provide the dimensions you require purlins can also be cut to size and ordered prepunched making your construction process quicker and easier. We also carry all the brackets and bolts you'll need. If you need purlins straight away we always keep a range in stock at all times, including:


C150/15 (6") x 6.1m
C150/15 (6") x 7.62m
C100/15 (4") x 6.1m
C100/15 (4") x 7.62m


Stock is subject to change at any time, for any questions and availability please contact us.



Top Hat Purlins