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Gutters and Fascias

Muswellbrook Steel Supplies can help you out with all your roofing accessories including gutters, fascias, downpipes, flashings and cappings. All accessories are available in Colorbond steel to compliment your Colorbond roof.


There are many different shapes and styles of gutters available including quad, square and half round shapes. All gutter systems are designed for easy instillation with easy to use fixings that can be either exposed or concealed depending on the system chosen. Please see the Lysaght website for the full range of available gutter styles.




To compliments all gutters Lysaght's Novaline fascia system has been designed to not only look great but to make gutter instillation even easier.  A spring clip snaps on to the fascia and makes fixing of the gutters quick and easy. It is available in custom cut lengths to suit your application.




Colorbond downpipes are used to finish of all rainwater systems with a consistent look. They are available in a range of sizes and shapes including round, rectangular and square. We will also supply all the necessary brackets and connections. Downpipes are available in custom lengths cut to the sizes you require.



Flashings and Cappings

To waterproof any roof you will need flashings and cappings to finish the roof off neatly. These cappings come completely custom folded to your specification. Just let us know what dimensions and lengths you require. Flashings and cappings are also manufactured in either Zincalume or Colorbond steel as you require.



All rainwater systems and cappings are custom ordered to meet your colour and size requirements. Please contact us to place your order.

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