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Muswellbrook Steel Supplies always carries a great range of aluminium sections and sheets in stock. Aluminium is often used instead of steel because it is lighter and more decorative in appearance. Stock is held in a range of rectangular and circular hollow sections, round and flat bar, angles and channels as well as specialised sections for table edges and rope tracks etc. Just ask in store if there are any other sizes or profiles you are looking for.

Rectangular Hollow Section


20x20x1.6mm @6.5m

20x20x3mm @6.5m

25x25x1.6mm @6.5m

25x25x3mm @6.5m

40x40x1.6mm @6.5m

50x50x3mm @6.5m

50x25x3mm @6.5

16x1.6mm @6m

25x3mm @6m

32x3mm @6m

40x3mm @6m

50mm @6m

Flat Bar


12x3mm @4m

20x3mm @4m

20x10mm @4m

25x3mm @4m

25x6mm @4m

25x10mm @4m

25x12mm @4m

32x3mm @4m

32x6mm @4m

32x10mm @4m

40x3mm @4m

40x6mm @4m

50x3mm @4m

50x6mm @4m

50x10mm @4m

100x3mm @4m

100x6mm @4m

100x10mm @4m

20x20x1.6mm @6.5m

20x20x3mm @6.5m

25x25x1.6mm @6.5m

25x25x3mm @6.5m

32x32x3mm @6.5m

40x40x1.6mm @6.5m

40x40x3mm @ 6.5m

50x50x1.6mm @6.5m

50x50x3mm @6.5m

50x50x6mm @6.5m

20x12x1.6mm @6.5m

25x12x1.6mm @6.5m

25x20x1.6mm @6.5m

32x20x1.6mm @6.5m


Round Bar


6.35mm @4m

10mm @4m

12.7mm @4m

20mm @4m

25mm @4m

12x12x1.6mm @6.5m

20x20x2.5mm @6.5m

25x25x3mm @6.5m

50x25x3mm @6.5m



1.6mm Flat

2mm Flat

3mm Flat

5mm Flat

6mm Flat

1.6mm Tread Plate

2mm Tread Plate

3mm Tread Plate

1.6mm Propeller Plate

0.6mm Stucco

Rope Track

Table Edge


Stock is subject to change at any time, for any questions and availability please contact us.



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