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Structural pipe comes in a range of diameters & thicknesses with either a plain black or galvanized finish. Pipe is measured in nominal bore (nb) which gives a rough measurement for the inside diameter of the pipe, allowing it to be categorised. The actually inside and outside diameter of different types of pipe is always different due to the wall thickness. For exact measurements to suit your requirements please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you out.

  Black Pipe   Gal Pipe
  Extra Light Light Medium Heavy   Extra Light Light Medium
10nb     x         x
15nb     x x       x
20nb   x x x   x x x
25nb x x x x   x x x
32nb x x x x   x x x
40nb x x x x   x   x
50nb x x x x   x x x
65nb   x x x       x
80nb     x x       x
90nb     x x       x
100nb     x x     x x
125nb     x         x
150nb     x         x
  6.5m Lengths   6.5m Lengths


Stock is subject to change at any time, for any questions and availability please contact us.



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