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Colorbond Fence

If you need an attractive, economical fence for your home it's hard to go past a Colorbond fence. There is a great range of colours that can be mixed & matched to suit the colour scheme of your home or business. The complete system is easy to install, looks great from both sides, offers fire and termite resistant, as well as security and privacy.

Colorbond fences make great residential boundary fences due to their durability, easy installation, great range of colours and styles. All fences come in a range of different heights including 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm and 2100mm and styles, giving you the opportunity to choose a style that matches your property.


Neeta Screen

The standard easy to assemble system with vertical ribs for strength. Neeta Screen Plus also includes a steel lattice and ball post caps to enhance the look of the fence. The lattice and balls are also available in various colours.


Smarta Screen

A great looking fence with strong vertical lines on both sides making both you and your neighbor happy. Smarta Screen Plus is also available to add a lattice and post caps to the fence.


Mini Screen

This fence is made from a smaller profile corrugations creating a very attractive and sturdy fence panel. Also available in the Plus range.


Custom Screen

This fence profile is based on the custom orb roofing profile creating a fence that matches the rest of your house. The vertical corrugations look great on both sides and can be enhanced again with the addition of a lattice and rounded post caps of the Plus range.


Colorbond Fence Colours


    Summershade     Estate     Meadow
    Riversand     Hedge     Willow
    Teatree     Red Oak     Evergreen
    Bluestone     Harvest     Grey Ridge
    Domain     Terrace      


Colours are approximate for exact colours please see in store



If you don't need a whole new fence we can also help you out with individual components to mend or extend your existing fence. This includes new posts, bottom and top rails, infill panels and touch up paint. With your order you can also specify gates and other specialised requirements to suit your needs.


For more information or to order your Colorbond fence please contact us.




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