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Post Caps

We have both steel and plastic post caps for posts of any shape and size. Post caps are a neat and easy way of finishing the ends of all types of tubular steel.




Size (mm) Steel Plastic    Size Steel Plastic
20x20   x    25nb x x
25x25   x    32nb x x
30x30   x    40nb x
35x35 x x    50nb x x
         65nb x x
40x40 x x    80nb x  
50x25   x    90nb x  
53x35^   x    100nb x x
50x50 x x    125nb x  
         150nb x  
65x35 x           
65x65 x x         
75x25   x         
75x50   x     
75x75 x          
90x90 x           
100x50   x         
100x100 x x         
150x50   x         
^ to suit cattle rail        


Stock is subject to change at any time, for any questions and availability please contact us.




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