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Muswellbrook Steel Supplies is always conscious of making sure its customers always get the lowest possible price for their steel needs. For this reason each week the a specials list is updated and published in the Hunter Valley News. Keep an eye on this page to make sure you get the best deal in steel.


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20x20x1.6 x 6.5m                                    $15.95                                      25x25x1.6 Galvanised RHS 6.5m                  $15.40
25x25x1.6 x 6.5m                                    $19.80 25x25x3 Galvanised RHS 6.5m                     $22.00
25x25x2.0 x 6.5m                                    $24.20 35x35x1.6 Galvanised RHS 8m                     $22.00
30x30x2.0 x 8m                                       $36.30 50x25x2 Galvanised RHS 6.4m                     $25.00
35x35x2.0 x 8m                                       $40.00 50x50x2 Galvanised RHS 8m                        $40.00
40x40x2.0 x 8m                                       $48.40 50x50x2.5 Galvanised RHS 8m                     $50.00
50x50x2.0 x 8m                                       $59.40 65x65x2 Galvanised RHS 8m                        $58.30
1ST GRADE GALVANISED RHS 65x65x2.5 Galvanised RHS 8m                     $68.00
20x20x1.6 x 6.5m                                    $17.60                                      75x50x3 Galvanised RHS 8m                        $80.00
25x25x1.6 x 6.5m                                    $20.90 75x75x5 Galvanised RHS 8m                        $150.00
25x25x2.0 x 6.5m                                    $26.40 100x50x1.6 Galvanised RHS 6.5m                $44.00
30x30x2.0 x 8m                                       $39.60 100x50x2 Galvanised RHS 6m                      $50.00 
35x35x2.0 x 8m                                       $47.30 100x50x2 Galvanised RHS 8m                      $66.00
40x40x2.0 x 8m                                       $51.70 100x100x5 Galvanised RHS 8m                    $210.00
50x50x1.6 x 8m                                       $52.80 125x75x2.5 Galvanised RHS 8m                   $110.00
SUPER SPECIAL 150x50x3 Galvanised RHS 8m                      $130.00
20x20x1.6 Galvanised RHS 6.5m               $15.40 53x35x1.6 Galvanised Cattle Rail 8m           $44.00
25x25x1.6 Galvanised RHS 6.5m               $18.70 100nb Medium Black Pipe 6.5m                   $128.70
25x25x2 Galvanised RHS 6.5m                  $23.10  
30x30x2 Galvanised RHS 8m                     $34.10   
40x40x2 Galvanised RHS 8m                     $46.20  
50x50x2 Galvanised RHS 8m                     $57.75 DOWNGRADE GAL RHS
50x50x3 Galvanised RHS 8m                     $80.00 40x40x1.6 GAL RHS 8m                               $20.00
65x65x2.5 Galvanised RHS 8m                  $90.00 40x40x2 GAL RHS 8m                                  $34.10
65x65x3 Galvanised RHS 8m                     $105.00 50x50x2 GAL RHS 8m                                  $48.40
75x75x2.5 Galvanised RHS 8m                  $110.00 50x50x3 GAL RHS 8m                                  $55.00
75x75x3 Galvanised RHS 8m                     $121.00 65x65x2 GAL RHS 8m                                  $66.00
89x89x2 Galvanised RHS 8m                     $107.00 75x50x1.6 GAL RHS 8m                               $50.00
89x89x3.5 Galvanised RHS 8m                  $172.00 75x75x2.5 GAL RHS 8m                               $80.00
89x89x5 Galvanised RHS 8m                     $200.00 75x75x3 GAL RHS 8m                                  $110.00
100x100x3.0 Galvanised RHS 8m              $170.00 89x89x2 GAL RHS 8m                                  $80.00 
100x50x2.0 Galvanised RHS 8m                $84.00 100x50x2 GAL RHS 8m                                $70.00
100x50x3 Galvanised RHS 8m                   $126.50 150x50x2 GAL RHS 8m                                $90.00
150x50x2.0 Galvanised RHS 8m                $115.50 115x42x1.6 GAL CATTLE RAIL 6.1m           $42.00
150x50x3 Galvanised RHS 8m                   $170.00  
*******NEW PANELS - JUST ARRIVED**********  
Sheep Panel- 1.035 x 2.9m                                  $80.00   10' I Stay Gate                     $77.00
Cattle Panel - 80 x 40 Oval Rail  1.8m x 2.1m    $107.50                    10' N Stay Gate                      $88.00
Gate in Frame- 80 x 40 Oval Rail                        $275.00                    12' I Stay Gate                       $88.00
  14' I Stay Gate                        $106.00
CATTLE PANEL- RUNOUT SPECIALS 14' N Stay Gate                       $118.00
Cattleman Panels - 6 Bar H/Duty 1.8m x 2.4m $143.00  
Cattleman Panels - 6 Bar H/Duty 1.8m x 2.1m $132.00